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A mix-up in college dorm assignments brought Steffanie and Stefanie together, but after two decades of doing life and business together, it’s clear that it was no accident. From marrying two weeks apart, having their first-born three days apart, to launching and growing a thriving Pediatric Therapy Center in Manhattan for children with special needs, S&S have never subscribed to an either/or mentality – they are AND/BOTH. Best Friends AND Business Partners – even after they sold their pediatric therapy center in 2019.

We don’t believe in either/or, we believe in and/both.

Now living in different states (Steffanie in NY and Stefanie in KY), these two friends aren’t done yet. After learning about the toxic side-effects of most store-bought candles and experimenting with some small batches for their own use, they quickly realized that they had something to offer to discerning candle shoppers like themselves.

We believe in the transformative effect of scent.

Together they’d create a clean candle company that reflected the duality of each of their personalities – both Moxie AND Grace. The designs would be both edgy AND elegant, and they would continue to promote and support social and emotional well-being by giving back to the Child Mind Institute. And most importantly, they’d get to do it together – with Moxie & Grace.

Our goals are simple:

We want to be good humans and have nice things.